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A crowdfunding campaign for LaVie 2GO by Solable

June 12, 2019

What is LaVie 2GO?

LaVie 2GO is a premium tap water purifier that requires neither consumables nor maintenance.

It is a powerful purification system that eliminates unpleasant taste and scent of tap water. Through light-induced chlorine photolysis at a specific wavelength that generates reactive oxygen species, both the water and your reusable glass bottle are cleaned.

Why LaVie 2GO?

Who doesn’t want to drink great tasting water and consume fewer plastics? Today, a typical household trashes about 2 to 3 cube meters of empty plastic bottles every year, it’s time to adopt an eco-minded attitude with LaVie 2GO !

You might drink bottled water for many reasons, but the most frequent reason we hear is that tap water has a chlorine scent and a funny taste. But plastic bottles are no longer a solution! Bottled water consumption enhances the plastic waste issue worldwide and has, in addition, a dramatic CO2 footprint that contributes to climate change. On top of that, mineral water bottles are extremely expensive and not that convenient: carrying heavy water packs and dealing with those cumbersome empty plastic bottles has never been a pleasure for anyone! Solable launched LaVie last year, and 1000 households are now satisfied with their tap water, turned into excellent drinking water, equal or superior to the bottled water they used to buy at the grocery store.


Solable needs your support for its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo!

You still have a week to support this project.