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Cascade Drives partners with Kalmar to support its journey to electrification

November 26, 2020

Made for heavy-duty applications, the electromechanical linear actuators developed by Cascade Drives could help Kalmar replace its conventional hydraulic systems.

The Swedish start-up Cascade Drives partners with Kalmar to support the industry forerunner in port automation and energy-efficient cargo handling in its journey to electrification. The collaboration will aim at replacing hydraulic actuators by Cascade Drives’ electromechanical solution that can handle shock loads and recover energy while it operates.

As heavy-duty vehicles go electric and become more autonomous, there is a demand for alternatives to the conventional hydraulic systems usually found in everything from mining and container loaders to heavy trucks. Cascade Drives provides unique solutions for linear motion and power trains that are high-performing, eco-friendly and cost-efficient to customers in these industries.

Kalmar has the ambition to move to a full electrically powered portfolio by 2021. The company’s sees therefore the collaboration with several other companies to share ideas and test novel solutions as a strong component to achieving its goals.

“With Cascade Drives’ technology, we may indeed succeed in replacing conventional hydraulic systems altogether in our electrically powered equipment,” says Lasse Eriksson, VP Technology at Kalmar in their recent announcement.

He also lists several promising benefits that Cascade Drives’ technology could offer to Kalmar customers. One of them is the all-electric load handling system that improves the overall efficiency where there is no conversion of energy from one form to another. The lower energy consumption that contributes to reduce operating costs is another one.

“Our technology offers superior efficiency, which directly leads to higher productivity, and also reduces energy consumption, which means customers can scale down their use of battery power packs, or alternatively extend operating hours,” says Kristian Floresjö, CEO at Cascade Drives. “When it comes to electrification, we see Kalmar as a frontrunner. We are excited about this opportunity to collaborate with such a skilled and strong market player.”

For more information on the collaboration, visit Kalmar website.