Business Creation

A crowdfunding campaign for LaVie 2GO by Solable

What is LaVie 2GO? LaVie 2GO is a premium tap water purifier that requires neither consumables nor maintenance. It is a powerful purification system that eliminates unpleasant taste and scent of tap water. Through light-induced chlorine photolysis at a specific wavelength that generates reactive oxygen species, both the water… Read More

Glowee launched a crowdfunding campaign on Happy Capital

Glowee, a start-up that has been supported by InnoEnergy since 2016, has launched a new crowdfunding campaign on Happy Capital.   You still have 40 days to support Glowee! What is Glowee?   Glowee is developing a living, biological… Read More

The best start-up in the CEE region has been named! Danubia NanoTech wins the 2019 PowerUp! Grand Final.

The results from the fifth edition of InnoEnergy’s PowerUp! competition – which saw participation from over 300 start-ups from 24 countries across Central and Eastern Europe – have now been announced. Danubia NanoTech from Slovakia was named the overall winner by the judges following a close battle with its rivals… Read More

Meter data quality assurance as-a-service for Utilities and Energy

InnoEnergy and ConnectPoint agreed to cooperate closely on the development of ConnectPoint’s Smartvee, the solution  for meter data quality assurance. Additionally, InnoEnergy decided to provide financial support to develop and promote Smartvee on the European market. The investment and various network of contacts allows Smartvee to accelerate its growth and… Read More

Nawa Technologies to begin mass production of its next-gen ultracapacitors by end of 2019

Aix-en-Provence, Tuesday, May 14th – NAWA Technologies, supported by InnoEnergy makers of next-generation ultracapacitor-based energy storage systems, is entering a crucial phase of its rapid scale-up: industrialization and mass production.  Having completed its technical development programme, NAWA has… Read More

Nawa Technologies, supported by InnoEnergy since 2014, finalist of the 2019 World Materials Forum

29 April 2019 – NAWATechnologies’ Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotubes (VACNT) is a unique multifunctional material that has outstanding electrical, thermal, optical, ionic and fluidic properties. VACNT opens the door to numerous usage possibilities from new battery technologies to highly efficient… Read More

Nawa Technologies recognized in the BPI Deeptech Book

22 April 2019 – NAWA Technologies, makers of the next-generation in fast-charging, long lifetime, multiple use ultracapacitor-based energy storage systems, created only six years ago is now entering the next phase of its rapid scale-up: industrialization and mass… Read More

Solable launches LAVIE 2GO

[Press release – 04/25/2019] In 2018, Solable launched LaVie, a premium tap water purification solution that uses no consumables at all, through a crowdfunding platform first, and quickly followed by thirty brick and mortar stores from the Boulanger retail group. Read More

French start-up Dom’innov, awarded eco-innovative company by the PEXE

Press release On April 4, 2019 Dom’innov participated in the 10th National Forum of Eco-Enterprises at the Ministry of Economy and Finance in Paris. Organised by PEXE, the association for cleantech companies in France, in partnership with the French Agency for the Environment and Energy Management (ADEME),… Read More

The top ten most innovative start-ups in electrical storage are on track to fuel the energy systems revolution in Europe

Speedy charging, reduced costs, increased reliability, energy efficiency and portability: these are just a few of the critical areas that have been met with technological inventiveness and sound business sense in solutions submitted by the ten finalists in InnoEnergy’s global call for start-ups in electrical storage. This inaugural contest… Read More