Business Creation

Welcome to iNex Circular

Welcome to iNex Circular, that just joined InnoEnergy France’s acceleration programme. iNex is the first platform dedicated to a circular economy for companies. Currently, 80% of the waste comes from industry and construction, among those, 60% are not recycled in… Read More

If you want to prevent bike theft, you must think like a thief

eBikeLabs just released an article for mobility operators who take e-bike fleet security seriously: Understanding the underlying motives of theft is the first step to choose the best anti-theft system. Not all bicycles are stolen for financial gain. In fact, a lot of offenders may… Read More

Welcome to Mob-Energy: a new way to charge electric vehicles

Mob-Energy, a new start-up in our programme, is working on electric mobility through innovative charging services.  Today parking companies that want to deploy infrastructure for electric vehicles face two issues: it implies to upgrade the whole existing electrical infrastructure it implies to book specific… Read More

[Press Release, 16 January 2020] ENER-PACTE counts on nearly 3 Million Euros to accelerate its deployment

The Lyon-based company Ener-Pacte that is specialized in the operation, security and optimization of photovoltaic power plants, is expecting fundraising of nearly 3 million euros at the start of 2020. Lyon investment company JBC2, the BCM ENERGY group (electricity supplier to the… Read More

Ringhel and InnoEnergy team up to boost the Energy Software business worldwide

Ringhel is the leading energy software company in the Romanian market, with a market share of over 50%. Ringhel’s services and products are developed by a team with a significant background in the energy business. Ringhel’s vision is to transform the way energy and gas companies react to market and… Read More

Ecovat qualifies as ‘B Corp’ company

Internationally recognized quality mark corporate social responsibility based on company’s social and environmental achievements EIT InnoEnergy supported ECOVAT, developer of an intelligent energy storage system that enables provision of heating to between 500 and 3000 houses per buffer tank, has qualified for and will be admitted to the international… Read More

InnoEnergy launches the PowerUp! Challenge elevating innovative companies to the next level

The PowerUp! Challenge is an opportunity for entities from Central-Eastern Europe to become the next unicorn in the InnoEnergy portfolio. The programme is open to entrepreneurs at all stages of development. It doesn’t matter if you only have an idea, looking for your next customer or planning market expansion. The… Read More

Tackling energy consumption in telecoms: welcome to Wupatec

Tackling energy consumption in telecoms EIT InnoEnergy recently welcomed start-up Wupatec to its ecosystem. The company’s technology WETT reduces energy consumption from wireless telecoms by up to 40%. Driven by a steep increase in the use of mobile broadband for data transfer and the deployment of new wireless standards, society is experiencing an unprecedented increase… Read More

Futurist electric motorcycle: Nawa Racer in CES 2020

Nawa Technologies, supported by InnoEnergy since 2014, presents its electric motorcycle in Las Vegas during the CES from today January 7th to January 10th. Let’s look at a complete article to know more about this innovation. [Article – New Atlas – 18th… Read More

[Press Release, 22 November 2019] Eco-Tech Ceram to crowdfund industrial heat decarbonisation solution

Revolutionary rechargeable “thermal battery” that captures waste heat from industrial processes seeks crowdfund investors Paris, France – 22 November 2019 Eco-Tech Ceram (ETC), an industrial ecology engineering company supported by EIT InnoEnergy, has launched a crowdfunding campaign to accelerate the commercialisation of its… Read More