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Ragn-Sells and C-Green collaborate on circular sludge management

The Swedish clean-tech company C-Green and the environmental company Ragn-Sells, one of Sweden’s largest sludge handlers, have signed a cooperation agreement with the goal of establishing 8–10 C-Green biorefineries in the coming years. The first facility will be located outside Norrköping and become operational in 2023, a project that is… Read More

Four EIT InnoEnergy portfolio companies among the Top 33 tech companies in Sweden

Since 2008, the Swedish media Ny Teknik has been nominated every year Sweden’s 33 most promising young technology companies. The technology areas are broad, ranging from energy solutions to pharmaceuticals, from electric aircraft to steel manufacturing. But all 33 companies have one thing in common: they are based on their… Read More

Next Rung to commercialise C-Green’s technology in North America

C-Green, a company with a transformative technology for sustainable handling of wet organic waste supported by EIT InnoEnergy, has entered into a three-year partnership with Next Rung Technology, a US-based engineering and consulting organisation. The partnership will focus on managing the marketing and development of opportunities for the… Read More

CorPower Ocean unveils commercial scale products to unleash utility scale wave farms

This comes as the wave energy developer prepares to deliver its flagship HiWave-5 Project in northern Portugal, with ocean deployment planned later this year. The new CorPower C4 device will ultimately form part of a four-system wave array, off the coast of Aguçadoura, Portugal, creating one of the world’s first… Read More

Altris to Manufacture Sodium-ion Battery Cathode Material in Sandviken, Sweden

Sodium-ion battery cathode material producer and supported start-up Altris AB has signed a deal with Sandvik Materials Technology AB to house the company’s first industrial scale manufacturing facility in Sandviken, Sweden. The new facility, called ‘Ferrum’, will have the annual capacity to produce 2000 metric tonnes of Altris’ ground-breaking… Read More

EIT InnoEnergy invests in grid-scale energy storage company Mine Storage

Mine Storage develops and operates a portfolio of grid-scale energy storages in underground mines. The global need for grid-scale energy storage is driven by the increasing share of weather dependent power generation, which causes imbalance in the transmission grids. The Mine Storage team contributes to a sustainable… Read More

SurfCleaner launches world’s first wastewater ‘skimmer-separator’ tackling floating sludge

Accumulating in large volumes, sludge residue is created as a by-product of the wastewater treatment processes, coming in the form of solid, semisolid or slurry residual material. Floating sludge in particular is costly, time-intensive and energy-draining to manage, with operators traditionally resorting to manual flushing and pumping with vast quantities… Read More

Altris Secures €9.6 million in Series A Funding

Swedish sodium-ion battery company Altris AB has raised €9.6 Million (100 MSEK) in a Series A funding round. The funding secures Altris’ production scale-up of the company’s innovative battery cathode material, Fennac, to 2 000 tonnes, enabling 1 GWh of sustainable batteries and further research and development… Read More

CorPower to begin ‘Ironman Tests’ ahead of ocean deployment

CorPower Ocean’s first commercial scale Wave Energy Converter (WEC) is set to undergo an intensive ‘Ironman Test’ proving performance and survivability ahead of ocean deployment. The next-generation C4 WEC will experience two weeks of continuous operation on the world’s largest wave energy test rig in Sweden. Rigorous tests… Read More

NitroCapt raises 2.8 M€ to develop a pilot plant for fossil-free production of nitrogen fertilizers

The production of nitrogen fertilizers causes 2,5% of the global fossil-related greenhouse gas emissions. To date, no one has developed a cost-effective, emission-free process that can compete with conventional production. But Sweden-based start-up NitroCapt now accelerates the development of the novel chemical process SUNIFIX® and aims at setting a new… Read More