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Charging made easy: welcome to Energysquare

November 25, 2019

InnoEnergy just welcomed a new company based in France, that won the third pitching award in TBB barely arrived!  Energysquare develops a technology called Power by Contact: a powerful, reliable and efficient wireless charging technology that makes it possible to charge several devices simultaneously, at the same efficiency and speed as with a cable. It also allows charging a laptop wirelessly.

All current wireless charging technologies based on induction are improvable: waste of energy, very low charging speed and high costs. Energysquare’s business model is to transfer knowledge by selling licences to Laptops’manufacturers and Electric equipment manufacturers who want to implement the Power by Contact technology in their product directly. A non-internal equipped device can also be compatible with a small adapter added.

In the first place, InnoEnergy will act as a sales accelerator for Energysquare. The company believes its network will help opening doors on not-envisaged-yet markets and support their commercialisation on their current markets. Energysquare also wants to benefit from training, coaching and fast connections with experts in their branch.