Business Creation

Creating impact for a sustainable world

January 7, 2019

Since 2011, we have been working towards strengthening the culture of innovation in the sustainable energy field, by accelerating the creation of high-growth companies and bringing innovative products and services to life.

The 200+ high potential start-ups that we have supported until today have envisioned innovative means to meet the energy challenges of our society. Whether it is by reducing greenhouse emissions, by contributing to our global demand for energy security, or by creating jobs, these companies are creating impact.


Sustainable energy innovators are faced with a much longer list of hurdles than start-ups in any other industry. And these hurdles, such as longer time to market, regulatory issues and the need of high capital, only to name a few, can make it difficult that they achieve their market potential.

InnoEnergy is the trusted partner and smart investor to accompany start-ups and SMEs on this innovation journey throughout the energy sector.  Our mission is to help start-ups overcome their challenges. Our position in the industry and our uniquely collaborative approach helps shorten time to market, mitigate risks, increase the impact of new technologies, and multiply their value.

We would like to share with you the impact indicators of our business creation activity, the result of seven years of work. They show how our supported start-ups are creating a more sustainable world.

At InnoEnergy with more than 200 clean-tech start-ups, and our network of investors and large energy industry players present, we are already creating the conditions for genuine change.

Interested in knowing more?  Download the Impact report  here.