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Ebikelabs kicks off its 5th year in business

June 27, 2019

 eBikeLabs , our supported start-up proposing innovative technology for ebike sharing, was launched in 2015 with a mission to accelerate the adoption of electric bicycles in urban areas. Today the company remains committed to its mission.

eBikeLabs works with mobility operators and provides a complete solution to create reliable and profitable ebike sharing service. The start-up and team kicked off its 5th year in business by gathering close to 100 investors and partners in InnoEnergy offices in Grenoble, France, around an anniversary event.

“This anniversary event was an opportunity to further strengthen the valuable human dynamics behind eBikeLabs and to show our company’s determination to transform mobility in cities. We have a highly specialised team and a growing demand to make shared micro-mobility sustainable and profitable. Our plans for the coming years are ambitious and we see a number of solid opportunities for further expansion.”  says Mael Bosson, Founder & CEO.

“eBikeLabs has a technology that solves the biggest nightmares of mobility operators – it provides powerful anti-theft, advanced connected maintenance, increases operational efficiency,  and provides a safe and enjoyable ride. It answers the demand to keep maximum ebikes available on the street. Which is the formula of success of free floating business: keep the high density of vehicles. That’s why I’m involved in this project” says Georges Gallais , urban mobility expert & Vulog founder, and member of Ebilabs’ advisory board.

Watch the video of the anniversary event

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