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EIT InnoEnergy is welcoming a new start-up: Wind My Roof and their WindBox

July 28, 2020

This year, we welcomed Wind My Roof to our Highway acceleration programme. They are a start-up that offers a discrete, roof-mounted small wind turbine.

The RT 2020 set of thermal regulations demands among other things, that all new buildings are energy positive by 2020. That translates into a reduction in energy consumption but also in energy production – wind turbines are a powerful solution here. However, nowadays wind power on buildings is not as efficient as it could be, hence the business opportunity for Wind My Roof. 

Indeed, the company provides a product, the WindBox and the services that go with it. The solution is more discrete, quiet and reliable than what can be found on the market today. The WindBoxes are installed in line at the edge of the building in an optimal way.

Furthermore, the wWindBox provides as much energy as 10m2 of solar panels and is compatible with solar panels and living roofs. The company will help you with installation, connection and storage.

Read more about the savings the solution offers.