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Elestor enters cooperation with Vopak for scaling HBr Flow Battery Technology

May 10, 2021

On April 21, Vopak announced that it signed a Joint Development Agreement with EIT InnoEnergy supported Elestor for the development of a hydrogen bromine flow battery. The joint ambition is to scale up the electricity storage capacity of these flow batteries from 200 kWh to 3,000 kWh in a period of 2 years and then further develop it to industrial scale.

“This development is part of Vopak’s New Energy strategy”, says Patrick van de Voort, Division President Europe & Africa at Vopak. “Developing large-scale and low-cost electricity storage will become increasingly important and with this promising technology electricity can be stored in molecules on a large scale. We are looking forward to jointly developing these flow batteries.”

“This is an excellent cooperation and a true joint development of 2 partners, each contributing with specific expertise. Elestor brings in all its knowledge on its unique HBr flow battery technology and Vopak is the largest independent tank storage provider specialised in storage of chemicals and gasses. Large-scale storage of hydrogen and bromine forms an important part of the HBr flow battery and fits well with Vopak’s locations, core activities and competences.” says Guido Dalessi.