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Entech Smart Energies wins a stationary storage system market in French Guiana

November 7, 2019

[Press release, 5th November 2019]

Entech SE wins a stationary storage system market in French Guiana


Entech SE has won a market for the supply of two stationary storage systems for developer Voltalia. This project, called Mana Storage, is located in the municipality of Mana in the north of French Guiana. Mana Storage is intended to strengthen the Guyanese electricity network.


A storage solution, serving the power grid and end consumers


This project, located in French Guiana in the municipality of Mana, is composed of two battery storage units with a cumulative capacity of 11.3 MWh for a conversion power of 10 MW. The two units of Mana Storage are intended to strengthen the Guyanese electricity grid and will address two distinct issues.

The first unit (5 MW / 4 MWh) will respond to a frequency regulation service: by discharging on electricity stored network during a drop-in frequency, linked to a fall in production or an increase in consumption, this will allow the network manager to stabilize the network frequency.

The second unit (5 MW / 7.3 MWh) will meet a need for daily arbitrage: by storing the electricity produced during an abundant production period, and by destocking it at the peak of consumption in the evening, this will allow to lower the cost of electricity for the network manager.

Both systems will be built and assembled at Entech’s production site in Quimper. They will then be transported to Guyana where Entech will carry out the commissioning. Entech SE will be entrusted with part of the maintenance and operation of these systems.


Levels of guarantees, availability and industrial capacity, keywords for this market


The tailored support offered by Entech as well as the qualitative aspect of the components used for the integration convinced the Voltalia teams. The network services addressed by both units require high performance and availability rates guaranteed by Entech. Technical expertise, agility, the ability to manage complex projects, coupled with an industrial production capacity also allow Entech to compete in the integration market while producing quality energy storage system.

Entech, integrator and specialist in renewable energy conversion


Entech smart energies is specialized in optimized and smart energy conversion solutions for smart grids. The energy transition is a real challenge for everyone with an ecological objective based on the use of renewable resources (solar, tidal, wind, …). Entech’s storage solutions enable a massive integration of renewable energies and access to energy. The company is working on the profound transformation of a centralized, carbon and / or nuclear electricity network towards smart, decentralized and renewable energy networks.

The activity is mainly broken down into 3 sub-businesses:

– Production of high capacity storage systems

– Prototyping of complex conversion chains (tidal turbines, batteries in 2nd life, ultra-fast charging of electric vehicles)

– Installation of medium and high-power photovoltaic plants

Entech SE supports its customers and partners throughout the project execution chain from design to operation, through prototyping, industrialization, and installation.


Voltalia, international actor in renewable energies


Voltalia is an international actor in renewable energies. The group produces and sells electricity from its wind, solar, hydraulic, biomass and storage facilities. It disposes of a power in operation and construction of more than 1 GW and a portfolio of projects under development with a total capacity of 7.1 GW, 0.6 GW of which are secured.

Voltalia is also a service provider and supports its investor clients in renewable projects during all phases, from design to operation and maintenance.

As a pioneer in the business market, Voltalia is finally providing a global offer from the supply of green electricity to energy efficiency service, trough the local production of its own electricity.

With 697 employees in 18 countries on 4 continents, Voltalia has a global capacity for action for its customers.

Voltalia is quoted on the Euronext regulated market in Paris (FR0011995588 – VLTSA) and is part of the Enternext Tech 40 and CAC Mid & Small indices. The company also appears in the Gaïa-Index, the index of responsible average values.