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Beyond Acceleration

We are co-creators, smart investors and industry catalysts for entrepreneurs who want global impact and a sustainable world. This is long-term business creation with global vision and purpose.

5 reasons why start-ups join the Highway

The right partners make all the difference. This is why entrepreneurs choose to work with us.

Our focus is always on creating sustainable businesses with sustainable revenues. Because when you succeed, so do we.

What you get on the Highway?

Your rolling programme of tailored support is drawn from the following:


  • Analysis of your product’s potential, competitors, and patent chances
  • Support for intellectual property protection
  • Enhancement, development, and pilots
  • Access to R&D infrastructure


  • Evaluation of business case and market positioning
  • Business plan, and commercialisation strategies
  • Finding your first customer
  • Support from InnoEnergy sales team.


  • Mapping your team’s capabilities, competencies, and skills gaps
  • Training, coaching and mentoring
  • Bringing in people to take the company forward
  • Expert board members


  • Introductions to pre-seed and seed funding opportunities, VCs, business angels, and public funding
  • Physical office space
  • Administrative and legal support

Who can apply?

We are looking for startups that:

  • Have a proven prototype or proof of concept for an innovative product in the energy sector
  • Have a maximum time to market – and first revenues – of two years
  • Are looking to enhance and complement the business skills of their current team
  • Are looking for financing, including equity partners
  • Are easy to work with and willing to commit to stable, long-term relationship with InnoEnergy

The Highway effect

Read some of the supported start-ups stories


“Energy is a very complex market. Having InnoEnergy as partner and investor is very helpful for us, because they understand what energy is about.“
Barbera van der Hoek, CEO, Watch-e


“InnoEnergy has helped us to adopt global mind set from the start.“
Björn Jernström, founder and CEO, Ferroamp


“InnoEnergy really helped us to move from a start-up state and scale internationally to find the right partners and grow our impact and we are now waiting for the next investment round to even scale further and internationalize.“
Theresa Steininger, CEO, Wohnwagon


“The key benefits of joining the Highway were building our product, commercialisation and exposure: we have raised €1 million from an investor at The Business Booster.“
Siten Mandalia, CEO, Solaris Offgrid