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French startup Energysquare chooses Taiwan to establish its first international office

August 10, 2020

[Press release] Seeing the essential role of Taiwan in the electronic industries, French startup Energysquare chooses Taiwan to establish its first international office.

July 29th, 2020 – Taipei, TAIWAN

Energysquare, a French startup with an innovative wireless charging technology, just opened its first office outside of France in Taiwan to collaborate closely and create technology partnerships with Taiwanese OEM and ODM companies. Earlier this year, with its one-of-a-kind technology, the startup raised 3 million euros to implement its Taiwanese office and to strengthen its collaborations with more international laptop and electronics manufacturers. The office also serves as direct contact and support for its customers.

Energysquare’s “Power by Contact” technology allows simultaneous charging of multiple electronic devices.

The revolutionary “Power by Contact” wireless charging solution of Energysquare allows the wireless charging of several devices simultaneously, at the same speed as a conventional charger at high power and without energy loss. Using conductive charging, the technology will make it possible for laptop manufacturers to build completely cableless laptops. The technology can also be further integrated into a wide range of products that require power supply, including, for example, computer accessories as well as consumer and professional devices.

Created in 2015 by three young entrepreneurs, Energysquare has already registered a portfolio of international patents. Energysquare has also garnered a CES Best of Innovation Award in 2019 with its innovative, efficient, reliable and cost-effective technology. At CES 2020, Energysquare demonstrated with Lenovo the first notebook models embedding the “Power by Contact” technology. The ambition of the startup is to bring a new standard of wireless charging to the market and to re-imagine office workspaces by creating a more flexible working environment. Discussions are ongoing with major stakeholder in the laptop industry to develop an ecosystem to achieve this ambition. “

“Taiwan is the center of the global laptop industry, with an incredible concentration of ODMs and OEMs and a unique engineering know-how in this field,” explains Mr. Timothée Le Quesne, CEO of Energysquare. “This is why we decided to open our very first international subsidiary in Taipei.” Before setting up an office in Taiwan, the core team members of Energysquare have been in Taiwan twice and have also exhibited at InnoVEX at Computex Taipei last year.

More on Power by Contact technology

Unlike the induction charging solutions currently on the market, Power by Contact, operating by conduction, is a concentrate of advanced microelectronics and algorithms that allow users to charge all their devices simultaneously on a single surface, at maximum speed, without electromagnetic waves. This has many advantages for users: no interference, no overheating, no energy loss. In addition, Power by Contact is the first technology that allows any laptop to be charged wirelessly.


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