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Glowee launched a crowdfunding campaign on Happy Capital

June 5, 2019

Glowee, a start-up that has been supported by InnoEnergy since 2016, has launched a new crowdfunding campaign on Happy Capital.


You still have 40 days to support Glowee!

What is Glowee?


Glowee is developing a living, biological light system that is revolutionizing the light industry. Between biotechnology and design, Glowee reinvents the way to produce and consume light. This light called bioluminescence is the result of 3.8 billion years of R&D by Nature, produced by fireflies and especially more than 80% of marine organisms. It reduces the environmental impact of artificial light, improves comfort and well-being and offers new creative possibilities.


What are the objectives?

To achieve its mission, Glowee has two goals:

  • To develop a living and efficient raw material consisting of bioluminescent marine microorganisms. The 4 years of technical know-how are materialized with  3 patents filed, the first one was issued end 2018.
  • Democratize the use of bioluminescence by designing products that meet real market needs. After the event market, Glowee now markets its know-how for the wellness and tourism market with the Glowzen® Room. For 4 years, Glowee has also been working directly with municipalities and energy stakeholders to design the urban landscape of tomorrow.

This multi-faceted strategy limits risks (techno, commercial and financial) by increasing the return on investment.


What need does Glowee meet?

In our daily life, light is everywhere, produced by the sun or by the genius of man. It is used to identify, secure, enhance, report, gather. Indispensable to our societies, it is also often the witness of a flourishing economy. However, artificial light as we currently manufacture it and use it threatens our planet and its inhabitants, because of the consumption of natural resources and the impact on biodiversity.
Given the urgency of the climate situation and the tightening regulatory environment, the need to find more responsible solutions across the value chain is no longer to be proven.