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Graphmatech’s latest invention brings metal additive manufacturing to the next level

September 23, 2019

Graphmatech recently achieves remarkable improvement in the processability of metal powders, solving a major challenge of the metal additive manufacturing (AM) industry with its graphene technology.

This is another milestone in the success story of Sweden-based Graphmatech that began with the patented technology and material Aros Graphene®. Additive manufacturing (AM) or “3D-printing” is a manufacturing technology which allows the formation of complex geometries under computer control. Difficulties to handle metal powder is among the challenges in metals AM industry. Dr. Mamoun Taher, the CEO, and co-founder of Graphmatech, explains the latest breakthrough on 3D printing enhancements.

”Being a CEO of the fast-growing Graphmatech has never stopped me from being at the lab doing innovative and outside of the box experiments. One late afternoon, I went to the lab with an intention to investigate the influence of a graphene-based material on the magnetic properties of metal powders. Unexpected behaviour of metal powder was observed after treatment with the graphene-based additive.

Mamoun Taher further investigated and discussed the results with Prof. Ulf Jansson, a Chair Professor, leading the Inorganic Chemistry programme and the Additive Manufacturing Programme at Uppsala University, Sweden.

”When I saw the samples and results I immediately told Dr. Taher that this has the potential to solve a major challenge in metal powder industry and mainly for metal additive manufacturing. And this then turned out to be right! The newly found multifunctionality of the graphene-based additive allows the simultaneous addressing of different challenges in metal powder industry, and we are eager to continue our research” says Prof. Ulf Jansson.

Further research and development have been carried out between Graphmatech and the group of Prof. Jansson to optimise and develop an eco-friendly, cost-efficient and scalable process for treating metal powder with graphene-based materials for additive manufacturing and powder metallurgy.

Graphmatech was founded in 2017 and is since then supported by the Highway. Strategic collaborations with Swedish, Swiss and German key industries, lead Graphmatech to be appointed the “Nanotech company of the year in the Nordics” in 2018.

For more information, read Graphmatech’s press release.