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Growing home improvement company Woon Duurzaam now offers everyone the opportunity to become a co-owner

February 16, 2022

Recent years have been successful for the growth of the young home sustainability company Woon Duurzaam, because of this success the company now gives the crowd  the opportunity to join.

In a crowdfunding campaign with a platform, Oneplanetcrowd, Woon Duurzaam offers people the opportunity to plan and become co-owner of the company. The company grows daily and therefore offers immediate offers. The aim of these investments is that the company can realize even more sustainable homes throughout the Netherlands.


Growth ambitions of Woon Duurzaam

Woon Duurzaam has made homes more sustainable. With its unique one-stop-shop approach, the company has become the party when it comes to integral sustainability of homes.

Homeowners also want to live more sustainably. The explosion in energy prices in 2021 led more homeowners to search for opportunities to save energy, make homes more sustainable and strive for dependence on energy market prices. In addition, 220 million EU buildings must be fossil-free by 2050: this will eliminate 18% of the European Union’s current CO2 emissions. Making housing more sustainable is therefore one of the largest in the energy transition, in which millions of homes in the Netherlands alone have to be made more sustainable. Her expertise and market will play a major role in this over the years. In order for the company to need (automation) investments in its platform, the company can handle the larger scale. Woon Duurzaam also wants to invest in expanding the team and in making its solutions better known to Dutch consumers.


How does the promotion work?

The crowd can now participate in a convertible loan at 6% interest. This can later be converted into depositary receipts for shares. At that time, the investor becomes a shareholder of Woon Duurzaam.


Who is Woon Duurzaam?

The Woon Duurzaam one-stop-shop cloud platform offers homeowners a clear path to fully making their home more sustainable. The platform offers homeowners a Tailor-made Energy Plan for energy-neutral living, the best purchase and the best offer. It offers high-quality, brand-independent, complete unburdening and the possibility to consume their energy consumption at home. This works, because they are not good at knowing how to make the step to a fully sustainable home. The company is supported by EIT InnoEnergy and has partnerships with a number of supply suppliers, who work with Woon Duurzaam to place the energy transition in the built environment.