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InnoEnergy’s supported start-up EasySolar expands into United States

November 16, 2018

InnoEnergy, the European innovation engine for sustainable energy, helps to expand Polish start-up’s business into the United States. EasySolar opens an office in San Francisco and launches the sale of its application on the US market thanks to the “US Landing” programme and cooperation with Powerhouse – InnoEnergy’s partner fund.

The “US Landing” programme intends to smooth the entry in the US through a 3-month stay at one of InnoEnergy’s partner energy accelerators, members of Incubatenergy, a network of 14 clean energy focused accelerators across the US. Within the programme, start-ups have the access to services such as introductions to potential customers, collaborators, investors, guidance on product certification or registration, market analysis, support in recruiting US staff, legal and administrative support, office space as well as shop or demonstration areas. The aim of the programme is to maximize the success of entering the American market.

EasySolar has developed a software dedicated for companies that offer photovoltaic systems for end customers. The application enables to carry out almost the entire sales process including customer management, creation of conceptual project, financial analysis, generation of professional offer and after-sales contact with the customer. The application is served in Polish and English language versions and soon the Portuguese, Swedish, German, Spanish, Russian and Chinese language versions will be available. In the future, the sale of the application will be focused on potentially more profitable markets, i.e. the USA, Brazil and Scandinavia.

The application allows the distributor to visualize the project of PV installation on the basis of photos taken independently or downloaded from Google Maps. Such visualization allows the retailer to specify the number and layout of panels. With the conceptual project, application generates the financial calculation, analysis and the return of investment within 5 minutes.

Marcin Dolata, founder and CEO of EasySolar comments on the company’s plans: “We want to focus strongly on expanding our technical team and recruitment of new developers as well as on marketing and sales. Our goal is also offering similar solutions to other technology industries. We think about everything connected with building houses, i.e. architects, roofing, maybe radiators, home lighting, windows.”

A month after starting the sale of its product, the company obtained over 400 registered customers. 10% of the application users already have finished the test period and started to pay for the service. The company estimates that it will achieve profitability in the first half of 2019.

Additionally, EasySolar plans new investment round for scaling up sales in 2019. Thanks to the founds obtained for marketing, the company will be able to increase its sales 10 or even 15 times in every month and become a leader in the industry of software for PV companies.