Business Creation

Act & Sorb

Act&Sorb has developed an innovative self-sustaining recycling strategy for several barely recyclable waste streams, to produce high value raw materials and energy (heat and/or electricity). The produced raw materials find applications in a broad range of industries, such as waste treatment, chemical processing, food and beverage processing. The business model… Read More


Smartroof produces and installs solar roof tiles with integrated photovoltaic elements, better known as Suntiles. The start-up Smartroof is a Belgian company that develops, produces and installs solar roof tiles. Smartroof’s Suntiles have an integrated photovoltaic element, to be used for renovation and construction alike. Thanks to their low weight the… Read More


Cloud-based software for electricity producers, storage providers & consumers to save or make money The start-up Enervalis focuses on 3 markets: Smart Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging, Energy-Clever Buildings and Intelligent Micro-/Off-Grids.  Their solutions add intelligence to end-to-end EV propositions, as well as to solar / wind installations, batteries, building energy management systems… Read More