Business Creation


Financial, insurance and technical optimisation of photovoltaic power plants. Read More


Solutions for production and distribution of artificial snow with low CO2 footprint and low weather dependance. Read More


Thanks to smart materials and nanotechnologies combined with a digital solution using powerful algorithms, we can increase energy production up to 30% and double the lifespan of existing solar plants. Read More


All ebikes are equipped with a controller, but this product is the only one that transforms assistance into a real automatic gearbox and ensures that a user will never run out of electric fuel. Read More


Deltalys develops, commercialises and operates eco-efficient solutions for renewable gas treatment. Solutions include: improved processes, dedicated digital solutions and an innovative business approach that enables industrial gas producers to enhance sites profitably, while lowering the operational risks linked to gas processing. These integrated solutions, based on a circular-economy approach, amount… Read More