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Bin-e is the best solution for waste management in smart buildings The need People don’t want to botter about the waste segregation, there is no recycling infrastructure, waste segregation is time and space consuming, the waste costs are high. The solution Bin-e is an… Read More


HYGEN brings to life a novel refueling solution for our cars in the form of home refueling station for Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV) and Extended Range Electric Vehicles (EREV).The technology developed by HYGEN enables disruptive 8 times decrease of refueling infrastructure costs allowing it to match the price… Read More


SEPIN helps retail utilities in business and operational processes resulting in reduced costs, increased customer engagement and increased sales. The venture provides metering data and unique data about energy customer behaviour which can be used by marketing, sales and project teams to create personalised offers, real-time promotions and… Read More


Photovoltaic software to design and sell solar panels. The need The design and selling process of the rooftop PVI is comprised of several phases which involves use of various software. The solution The system is a professional tool created to simplify, accelerate and streamline… Read More


The need The world is based on the consumption of goods stored by nature and created by humans. As the world’s population increases, consumption expands and more waste and more by-products are generated. The excessive emission of greenhouse gases – mainly CO2 – has reached critical levels, with… Read More

Vane Compressor

Vane Compressor d.o.o. is developing a compressor that uses patented vane machine, proven in pneumatic grinders market, to provide for a high efficient and reliable vane compressor. The compressor is a part of every industrial plant, factory, workshop etc. and has impact on production process and operational costs. The company’s… Read More Ltd is an operator of an innovative platform. They have revolutionized the way we buy and sell energy. Their platform groups together a number of energy customers (domestic and commercial), builds their energy profiles based on type, location and behavioral criteria and ‘auctions’ in real time the cumulative and profiled… Read More


The product is a real time operations decision support system for power plants that is based on a deterministic model of power unit thermodynamics. The methodology is protected by a patent in the European Union. Gathered data creates referential parameters for a power unit in given conditions (load,… Read More