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Flexible WEB platform to control several systems that has intelligence models that allow the automatic and efficient control of water and energy consumer systems. Read More


The start-up Sunaitec is a 100% Portuguese-owned company that develops, manufactures and markets advanced solutions in the field of Solar Energy. The need Current solar panel solutions have high maintenance costs and low profitability due to its fixed position during winter, as well as limited duration because of corrosion. They also lack a proper architectural integration. The… Read More


The start-up VERTEQUIP (Vertical Equipment) was created with the unique purpose of developing parts and equipment necessary to the sectors of construction, industry, renewable energies, services and maintenance for vertical structures. Our mission is “to develop simple and effective equipments that are able to increase safety and productivity in works at… Read More

BeOn energy

The BeON Microinverter plugs in to a wall socket like a house appliance, enabling a PV system to become DIY and changing the way we think about the solar business.   The start-up The BeON microinverter is a device that allows any PV panel to be connected directly to an… Read More

C2c New Cap

Hybrid supercapacitors for high-efficiency energy storage. The start-up C2C-NewCap brings a new hybrid supercapacitor to the energy storage and energy conversion market. This new device is assembled in a hybrid configuration, having a highly capacitive electrode paired with an electrostatic one. The product is an energy storage device that operates safely… Read More