Business Creation


FineCell specialises in developing and producing renewable and high-performance nanomaterials that consists of cellulose. The cellulose nanomaterials or nanocellulose are used in many industrial applications, such as reinforcement fillers for developing extra strong and lightweight composites; paper and board products, or renewable packaging, as well as multifunctional additives for enhancing performances… Read More


Graphmatech designs and manufactures novel graphene-based nanocomposites. These composites address key industrial challenges – both technical and environmental – in markets where high electrical- and thermal conductivity, high wear resistance, low friction, or a combination of these, is needed. Examples include thermal management, moving electrical contacts, tribology (the science of… Read More


Altris produces a high energy density cathode material for rechargeable batteries via a low-cost production method using only abundant elements. The material is a drop-in solution that readily works with existing technologies, which thus enables the rapid adoption of a truly sustainable rechargeable battery for stationary energy storage applications. Read More

Phoenix BioPower

Phoenix BioPower is working to double the efficiency of biomass power generation. By achieving electrical efficiencies of 50 per cent by 2022 and 60 per cent by 2030, Phoenix BioPower will provide the most cost effective path to renewable, plannable, and reliable power for the future. Read More

Greinon Engineering

Greinon develops and commercialises smart city control systems, primarily lighting control technologies, for multiple applications such as waste management, traffic management, statistical analysis and more. The system includes hardware and software that together enable energy savings of up to 85 per cent, improve data collection and analysis and predictability of… Read More

Swedish Algae Factory

Swedish Algae Factory’s innovative material that boosts the efficiency of solar cells is based on the nanoporous silica shell that surrounds a specific strain of diatom, an algae species that grows well in the bottom of dark and cold Nordic seas. The material is naturally designed to trap light efficiently in… Read More


StableTools is a machine tool constructure in which a mass element is displaced inside the cavity of a cutting tool holder supported by viscoelastic materials with frequency-dependent stiffness. The viscoelastic materials transmit the vibration energy towards the mass elements and stabilise the tool holder during metal cutting. The solution is… Read More

Simplex Motion

By utilizing patented sensor system technology, Simplex Motion has created a compact, high-performance and completely integrated servomotor system. This smart motor is quick to install, easy to use and offers powerful motion control capability. Read More