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NAWA America: the new global leader in multifonctional, ultra-strong composites from NAWA Technologies

November 23, 2020

[Press release] Aix-en-Provence, 19th November 2020: NAWA Technologies, a pioneer of next-generation energy storage systems, today further cements its position as one of the world’s leading technology innovators, with the announcement of NAWA America – a new US-based company focused on industrializing advanced composite materials.

  • NAWA Technologies, pioneer of energy storage systems based on vertically aligned carbon nanotubes (VACNT), announces the establishment of NAWA America
  • New company created by the acquisition of the US leader in VACNT, N12 Technologies
  • NAWA America will focus on the industrialization of NAWAStitch, which makes composites ultra-strong and brings other game-changing characteristics: ‘structural’ energy storage
  • NAWAStitch-reinforced carbon fiber composites have shear strength increased by a factor of 100 and shock resistance by a factor of 10
  • Huge potential across automotive, aerospace, space and defense as well as sporting equipment, consumer products and luxury goods
  • Prototype production begins now; volume manufacturing from 2021
  • Established collaboration with University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI)
  • Technology licensing agreement with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


Based in Dayton, Ohio, NAWA America will bring multifunctional ultra-strong composites to market; game-changing materials based on unique, proprietary technology, aimed at sectors including automotive, aerospace, renewable energy, space, defense, sporting equipment and consumer & luxury goods.
NAWA America has been created by the acquisition of the assets of the US leader in VACNT for composite applications, N12 Technologies. N12 began developing its own two-step patented VACNT growth process in 2014 and became experts in VACNT-enhanced composite materials. Over a similar period, NAWA Technologies has developed its own single-step VACNT growth process, applying the unique properties of VACNT to its high power and high energy ultracapacitors, but also recently as one of the fastest electrodes for lithium batteries and hybrid systems, as debuted by its NAWA Racer.
NAWA America’s objective will be to significantly widen the range of applications of multifunctional composites, engineering truly next-gen materials and substantially scaling manufacture. Its immediate focus will be on a bringing a new materials concept, NAWAStitch, to mass market.
Comprising a thin film containing trillions of VACNT arranged perpendicular to the carbon fiber layers, NAWAStitch acts as ‘nano-velcro’, reinforcing the weakest part of a composite: the interface between the layers. Eliminating the probability that a crack will occur in the interface, the concept also greatly improves strike damage resistance.

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