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Nawa Technologies recognized in the BPI Deeptech Book

May 10, 2019

22 April 2019 NAWA Technologies, makers of the next-generation in fast-charging, long lifetime, multiple use ultracapacitor-based energy storage systems, created only six years ago is now entering the next phase of its rapid scale-up: industrialization and mass production from the end of 2019. First products are expected to be delivered in 2020.

Pascal Boulanger, COO of NAWA Technologies, said: “Being recognized in the BPI’ Deep Tech book is a real honor and a strong motivation for us as we see this recognition as a confirmation of our work and the continued support of our work by BPI.”

Ulrik Grape, CEO of NAWA Technologies, said: “As a former manager of US-based companies, I found this public promotion and highlighting of the achievements of deep tech start-ups here in France is an important and commendable effort. It is very rewarding to be included in bringing back the emphasis on fundamentals of innovation. This nomination is a great recognition of the potential of our technology and being in the company of famous companies such as Celectis, Kalray, Isorg and MacPhy is highly appreciated as I believe we all are sources of inspiration for each other.”

NAWA was created by Pascal Boulanger and Ludovic Eveillard in April 2013 as a spin off from the Atomic and Alternative Energies Commission (CEA) and with the support of both university of Cergy and Tours after more than 15 years of pioneered R&D in advances nanocarbons. […]

All along its development, the company has received strong support from the French innovation community with many projects funded by BPI, French government (DGI), ADEME (French Agency for Environment), SUD region for local support and European projects. As Pascal Boulanger states: “In France, collaborative projects are the first “revenues” of a start-up”. […]

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Sam Hardy
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About Nawa technologies

NAWA Technologies’ Ultra Fast Carbon Batteries are the next-generation of the ultracapacitor, featuring vertically-aligned carbon nanotube electrodes. Combined with a pioneering unique coating they can offer three-to-five times more energy than existing ultracapacitors or up to five times more power, depending on application. Setting new standards for charging speed, frequency and environmental friendliness, NAWA Technologies’ Ultra Fast Carbon Battery bridges the gap between existing ultracapacitors and more traditional lithium-ion batteries. […]

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