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Nawa Technologies, supported by InnoEnergy since 2014, finalist of the 2019 World Materials Forum

May 10, 2019

29 April 2019 NAWATechnologies’ Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotubes (VACNT) is a unique multifunctional material that has outstanding electrical, thermal, optical, ionic and fluidic properties. VACNT opens the door to numerous usage possibilities from new battery technologies to highly efficient thermal interface materials to yarns or wires to name just a few applications.

NAWA has developed a patented and proprietary way of manufacturing the VACNT in a single step roll-to-roll CVD process at unprecedented throughput rates and low cost. NAWA can grow VACNT on a number of different substrates from aluminium to copper to carbon fibre composite structures,  even on both sides, while also offering a wide range of integration processes such as Lithium active materials infiltration, composite impregnation, functional coatings, resulting in a multitude of usage opportunities.  […]

The World Materials Forum is an annual high-level expert conference that gathers academics as well as a large panel of CEOs from all industries of materials. One can say, WMF is the DAVOS of Materials where people discuss how to mine, manage and recycle resources and waste in a world that makes 80 million cars, a billion cell phones and 500 billion plastic bottles a year? WMF2019 will be held in Nancy (France) from 12 to 14 June 2019. Every year, a start-up Challenge is organized to highlight the most promising materials and entrepreneurial companies and provide for the opportunity to meet the global leaders of companies and academia for three days. The list of nominees has been published by Prof. Victoire de Margerie in April 2019.

Pascal Boulanger, Founder, CTO and COO of NAWA Technologies, said: “Future materials are key for our planet. At NAWA we try to use less atoms to store more electrical charge more rapidly. Since the beginning of NAWA, our DNA has been to disrupt the use of batteries, by finding ways to use less energy and more natural resources for building our electrode and at the same time working on batteries with multiple lives and at the end, easier to recycle. We are very honored and happy to be nominated as one the finalists of the WMF2019 Challenge. Let’s make it happen.”

Ulrik Grape, CEO of NAWA Technologies, said: “Being nominated as a finalist at the WMF2019 Startup Challenge is a great recognition of the innovative work and dedication of our team in bringing the VACNT technology into the industrialization phase in just five years. Developing a new material is a significant challenge and we will be delighted to present our technology and discuss with the most prominent experts in the world of materials in Nancy next June to find fans, investors or our next customers.”

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About NAWA Technologies

NAWA Technologies’ Ultra Fast Carbon Batteries are the next-generation of the ultracapacitor, featuring vertically-aligned carbon nanotube electrodes. Combined with a pioneering unique coating they can offer three-to-five times more energy than existing ultracapacitors or up to five times more power, depending on application. Setting new standards for charging speed, frequency and environmental friendliness, NAWA Technologies’ Ultra Fast Carbon Battery bridges the gap between existing ultracapacitors and more traditional lithium-ion batteries.