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Next Rung to commercialise C-Green’s technology in North America

October 7, 2022

C-Green, a company with a transformative technology for sustainable handling of wet organic waste supported by EIT InnoEnergy, has entered into a three-year partnership with Next Rung Technology, a US-based engineering and consulting organisation. The partnership will focus on managing the marketing and development of opportunities for the installation of C-Green’s technology in North America.

C-Green’s OxyPower HTC™ process uses hydrothermal carbonization (HTC) to convert sludge and other wet biomass into useful products. C-Green’s biorefineries provide waste handlers, industries, municipalities, agriculture, and food processors with a safe and sustainable wet waste management solution while at the same time simplifying the recovery of nitrogen and phosphorus and increasing biogas production.

“We look forward to continuing to develop our market potential in North America in partnership with Next Rung. Together we have established contacts with many key players and have noted a significant increase in interest in our technology,” says C-Green CEO Michael Sjöberg.

“Next Rung Technology and C-Green have been collaborating in the market assessment, outreach and project development in North America since 2020. With the growing need to reduce sludge and biosolids volumes, increased landfilling costs, and increasing restrictions on land applications and landfilling, the OxyPower HTC™ technology is the right solution to solve a major pain point in the US biosolids and sludge markets,” adds John Ellersick, President of Next Rung Technology.

“As a significant investor in C-Green, EIT InnoEnergy is actively managing the company’s expansion in North America, a market we believe has huge potential. Mark Vasu, our US Operations Manager, set up our US office in 2020 to support the expansion of our commercially success venture investments in Europe like C-Green that need new market development support. He recruited John Ellersick and his team at Next Rung to be a strategic partner, having collaborated with the firm for years while developing the climate tech ecosystem in the Boston area through his prior work at Greentown Labs,” according to Ingvar Erikson, Business Creation Officer at EIT InnoEnergy Scandinavia.