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Optimise your energy use with Gulplug’s white paper

September 5, 2019

GULPLUG, supported by InnoEnergy since 2015, has just published a white paper about energy monitoring to serve industrial efficiency. A paper written by Gulplug energy monitoring experts and the AD FINE energy engineering office.

Nowadays, energy is more scarce and more expensive, GULPLUG finds this a good reason to innovate.

To optimise energy use, the major issues are to define a roadmap, to identify the proper actions, people and tools. The insights in this paper will help you get started right away so that you can reap the benefits of energy monitoring now, from reducing your energy bills to developing a competitive advantage.

First, you will identify the maturity of your energy project. Then you will be guided with tools and solutions so you can reach your goals. There are 5 steps to define your position and set your program, from exploration to value creation.

If you want to know where you stand and go further or just to get inspired, you can download the white paper here.



Gulplug is a five years old start-up and offers a combined hardware and software energy monitoring solution.