Business Creation


Our model aH60 is the most efficient hybrid solar panel in the world, which will be surpassed by our next model aH72.

The start-up

The current product is the highly-efficient aH60 hybrid solar panel, but the ultra-efficient aH72 panel is already in development for release this year.

The Need

The continual annual price increase of different sources of energy cause a corresponding rise in both electricity and thermal energy prices.

The Solution

Product with the latest solar technology, profitable and quality, which allows significant energy and economic savings. In addition, customers can see with our “Hybrid Viewer” the consumption and savings of their installation.

The Value Proposition

  • Competitive service.
  • Cost effective.
  • Enhanced design.
  • High quality.
  • Sustainable.

Strategic Partners and Customers

64 panels have been installed in a nursing home in Malaga and 50 panels in a Resort in Girona.