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Act & Sorb

A sustainable recycling process to produce high value materials and electrical and thermal energy from specific organic waste streams.

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The start-up

Act&Sorb has developed an innovative self-sustaining recycling strategy for several barely recyclable waste streams, to produce high value raw materials and energy (heat and/or electricity). The produced raw materials find applications in a broad range of industries, such as waste treatment, chemical processing, food and beverage processing. The business model is based on the development of complete tailor made projects, from R&D to commissioning and servicing in various industries worldwide.

The need

Every year, only in Europe, around 10 million tonnes of fibreboard waste is generated without any recycling solution at hand, resulting in an environmental issue and high disposal costs for producers and end-users. The world’s activated carbon consumption is forecast to rise to 2.6 million tonnes in 2025. Around 23% of this is derived from fresh wood resources; around 8 million trees felled annually. The high demand for wood will lead to a supply deficit. Furthermore, these trees lock-up 29 million tonnes of CO2. A solution is urgently required.

The solution

Our solution is an innovative carbonisation-gasification process, turning fibreboard waste into renewable energy and high value activated carbon (avoiding huge volumes of CO2 emissions). Act&Sorb plans to commission its first commercial recycling facility by 2021. This pioneering industrial fibreboard recycling set-up will process around 50 000 tonnes fibreboard waste per year and produce 2MWe (34 GWh) electricity – a world first. To further grow and accelerate, Act&Sorb plan to set-up its own new plants, selling plants for a license fee and a lump sum. At a later stage this would be followed by licensing the technology with service contracts. Discussions with end-consumers, investors and multinational market leaders resulted in several letters from those interested in buying FibreCarb activated carbon, supplying feedstock or investing in Act&Sorb with the goal of scaling the company together. In addition, Act&Sorb plans to further broaden and accelerate its specialised research department and its collaboration with universities and industry in Benelux and in Europe

The value proposition

  • Production of high value raw materials.
  • Clean technology to shift waste towards resources with the production of energy.
  • High-end R&D evaluation of the end products.
  • Constant R&D evaluation of new input materials for recycling technology.
  • Highly scalable and adaptable.