Business Creation


Agronergy is the leading French player in heating produced from local recycled biomass. Its value proposition is to deliver ecological heating in a simple and competitive way

Agronergy logo

48 rue René Clair
75889 Paris Cedex 18 – France

The start-up

Agronergy provides heating services to buildings; the heat is produced from recycling agricultural left-over, mainly cereals. We target medium-size customers like collective housing, schools, office blocks… Our solution is integrated, innovative, economical and ecological.

The need

Almost 85% of the energy consumed in France comes from non-renewable energy sources. This contributes to increasing scarcity of fossil fuels, rising energy prices and environmental pollution. Hence the need to design solutions to better control and reduce the cost of heating, to reduce Co2 emissions caused by the production and the consumption of energy and to develop local energy sectors.

The solution

Agronergy sells 15-year heating contracts to buildings or districts (with power ranging from 100 to 2 000 kW). Agronergy offers a turnkey solution: it designs, builds and operates the boilers, and it sources the biomass locally to deliver heating. Agronergy also funds the whole construction project; in return, the user pays a monthly fee, lower than the operating expenses of a fossil fuel boiler. Its activity fosters a circular and local economy around agro and forest by-products.  

The value proposition

  • The delivery of ecological heating in a simple and competitive way.

Strategic Partners and Customers

4 eco-districts, 1 school campus in Normandy, many residential buildings (Paris, Nanterre...), 3 senior people’s homes, 1 swimming pool, 1 project for the CPCU (district heating network of Paris)