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Alent Dynamics

Heat and electricity-saving wood drying solutions that produce higher quality wood faster

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Thematic field:

Energy Efficiency

Market segment:


The start-up

Alent Dynamic operates a patented method for wood drying that subjects the wood to less harmful load and saves both heat and electricity even though it does the work in less time.

The need

Wood drying is the most critical activity for profitability
in the wood industry. It represents an untapped opportunity for
sawmills to increase production volumes and wood quality, while
saving both heat and electricity.

The solution

A wood drying process control system suitable for both new and existing wood drying kilns. It operates a patented drying method where the drying climate (temperature, air velocity and humidity) is alternated in cycles, dynamically adapted to the real-time measurement of the wood response.

Key features:

  • Synchronise – power control and peak-shaving for heat and
    electricity use.
  • WMC Soft Sensor – automatic drying to target moisture content.
  • Optimise – dynamic drying cycle optimisation for increased
  • Online kiln control – enables remote kiln operation

The value proposition

  • Increased revenues from improved wood quality,
  • 10% increase of produced volumes,
  • Saves 10% of heat consumption,
  • Saves up to 65% of electricity,
  • Wood drying expertise, training and related products.