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Capture and concentrate (ambient) CO2 at low prices for direct use and production of fuels and chemicals, using solar or wind energy

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The start-up

A technology to harvest CO2 and water from ambient air and/or flue gases in a cost-effective way, powered by renewable energy.

The need

CO2 is an often-used commodity in horticulture for the production of chemicals and liquid fuels. Until now, the production of CO2 consumed a large amount of energy, requiring temperatures of over 80°C to extract it from the air.

The solution

As CO2 capture is a temperature swing process, energy can be saved using low value or waste heat. Antecy has developed a non-amine low cost environmentally friendly solid sorbent that can extract CO2 out of the air at 80°C max. The energy that is still needed can be supplied by renewable energy sources.

The value proposition

  • Create CO2 out of ambient air and flue gases.
  • Produce CO2 onsite and save costs on transport of CO2.
  • Save money and energy on the production of CO2.