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The start-up

AViSpectro’s Mission is to enable routine process and quality control by vibrational spectroscopy to industrial customers in energy and pharma applications.

AViSpectro wants to be the first choice of connection for customer to instrumentation supplier in all segments of Analytical Vibrational Spectroscopy, addressing the most relevant challenges in these core industries such as cleantech & economical industry transition in the energy segment and biotech molecules & regulatory approvals in the pharma segment.

In the energy segment, AViSpectro is especially focused on quick determination of coal power plant quality & process parameters as well as characterization of size-separated coal combustion by-products.

The need

Coal power plant operations need to reduce operational costs and also optimize on by-product sales – both within an environment of increasing regulatory standards.
Availability of live stream parameters is crucial for further improvement of coal combustion processes, especially in case of unusual behavior caused by biomass co-combustion. Ash commercialization is strongly dependent on the exclusion of potential contaminants, such as heavy metal ions.
Characterization of mixed samples with crystalline and glass parts is very difficult, expensive and time-intensive. Even gold standard methods such as RDX, EDX and RBS can only capture parts of the characterization puzzle.

The solution

Customized Raman spectroscopy is used as a non-evasive means of optical detection. Chemo-metric analysis of ash samples, which can be combined and cross-validated with gold standard measurement data, is able to characterize ash fractions according to relevant parameters such as size and heavy metal content. Our products and services are able to determine crucial parameters for coal power plant operators and to obtain specific information about current production output.

The value proposition

Continuous determination of harmless and toxic ashes and corresponding ash management is reducing ash disposal cost and leveraging ash sales income of coal power plants e.g. by the absence of heavy-metal ions. In addition, size-separation of coal combustion products further increase the sales potential of higher-value fractions and reduce disposal cost of low-value fractions. AViSpectro products and services are validating sales value of thermal combustion plant by products. Related manufacturers and service providers benefit from know-how increase for their turn-key plants and attractive device service business.