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Drying solutions

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LACS Rocha Conde de Ă“bidos


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Renewable Energies

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The start-up

We develop drying solutions for agrobusiness products. Our technology allows you to dehydrate your product at low temperature with controlled humidity, saving energy.

The need

The agribusiness products have to be dried in a controlled environment to ensure high quality to customers. The temperature and humidity parameters have to be strict and there is little technology capable of assuring the drying process correctly.

The solution

The drying solutions created are made for agribussines products like aromatic herbs, cannabis, nuts, spirulina, seaweed, mushrooms, fruits and vegetables. All these products can be dried in our dryer solution. Our solution allows the user to specify the temperature and humidity needed to dehydrate the product.

The value proposition

  • Controlled dehydration environment
  • Drying factors adaptable for each product
  • Drying equipment (drying beds and trolley, ventilation towers) build to optimise the drying operation