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Energy storage solution based on 2nd life Li-Ion batteries (coming from electric vehicles) for different end applications: domestic, industrial, utilities, software, vehicles.

The start-up

Based on the energy requirement, 4,2kWh, 33kWh, 408kWh, we do collect, test, assign the right application, reconfigurate, assemble and sell energy storage solutions

The need

Access to Li-Ion energy storage solutions that facilitates the implementation of greener ways of using energy

The solution

We provide a second life to the electric vehicles batteries when they are not used in the car, either because the car is no used any longer or the battery is replaced. The battery still has a 70-80% storage capacity useble for other purposes less demanding and therefore it can be used for stationary storage systems

The value proposition

  • Access to Li-ion stationary energy storage solutions
  • Affordable new Li-ion solutions
  • Modularity
  • Energy management system. Remote control and balance
  • Sustainable energy storage solutions
  • Reuse of batteries

Strategic Partners and Customers

Solar PV installers, utilities, EV infraestructure installers, municipalities, logistics vehicles (forklift), telecommunications.