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Benoo Energies

Manage economic activities for energy access issue of rural businesses in Sub saharan Africa

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47 rue Judaïque, 33 000, Bordeaux, France



Thematic field:

Smart and Efficient Buildings and Cities

Market segment:

Non-residential building, Off GRID

The start-up

The solar unit is entirely digitised, offering monitoring and control systems that maintain electricity production stability, allow energy optimisation and forecasting as well as business intelligence.


The need

Lack of access to energy in African rural and peri-urban areas are an hindrance to business development. This makes many Africa-based commerce and industries uncompetitive and drags down GDP growth between 1 to 3 %. Offgrid businesses in Africa spend more than 50 billions per annum to have access to energy.

The solution

Benoo Energies’ business model is based on two main value offers: (1) a solar PV-based standalone system equipped with a storage device and a set of business equipments (freezer, printer, TV) allowing to sell value-added products and services (fresh goods, beverages, copies); (2) a business support that includes a mobile app solution to manage payments, monitor sales and customers’ energy consumption, as well as a franchise model providing marketing follow-up, ongoing training, and technical support.

The value proposition

  • Real-time metrics
  • Predictive tools
  • Business intelligence