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BeOn energy

The European microinverter.

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R. Actriz Palmira Bastos Lt  102, 1950-004 Lisbon, Portugal



Thematic field:

Renewable Energies

Market segment:

Industry, Non-residential building, Power Distribution, Residential building, Solar PV

The start-up

The BeON Microinverter plugs in to a wall socket like a house appliance, enabling a PV system to become DIY and changing the way we think about the solar business.

The need

In addition to the need for low-cost PV panels, there is also a requirement to lower the costs of the distributed installed systems and the energy produced as a means of compensating for ever-increasing electricity prices.

The solution

The BeON microinverter has already proven itself a successful solution, rehabilitating the solar business in Portugal in 2015 with a self-consumption DIY model that allows people to assemble their own PV systems and use all the energy they produce.

The value proposition

  • 25-year warranty: the most reliable piece of electronics commercially available.
  • High quality: record of zero unit failures in 10.000 units sold.
  • Lowers the cost of locally produced energy to less than half of what the electric grid operator offers.
  • The only microinverter focused on a DIY solution.