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The intelligent room temperature control for your hotel.

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Oberpörlitzer Straße 2, 98693 Ilmenau, Germany



Thematic field:

Smart and Efficient Buildings and Cities

Market segment:

Heating & Cooling, Municipality, Non-residential building, Power Distribution

The start-up

iQ Roomcontrol is an intelligent room control specifically designed for application in hotels. A connection to the hotel software ensures that a hotel room is only heated/cooled when it is in use.

The need

In hotels, unoccupied rooms are often heated/cooled throughout the whole day. This leads to unnecessarily high levels of energy use, carbon emissions and energy costs.

The solution

The Betterspace system is a heating control system tailored to the needs of non-residential building operators. Based on data concerning past user behaviour, current room occupancy and the forecasted weather, the system automatically controls heating in all rooms. It enables customers to optimise on energy efficiency and save energy costs, raising the comfort level in the building while reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

The value proposition

The Betterspace software is based on an energy management platform developed by Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology (IWES). It uses context-based forecasting algorithms including external information. Its plug and play capability of soft- and hardware leads to a high scalability. Furthermore, it is interoperable enabling the integration of different software and hardware providers.