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Smart Waste Bin

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Innowatorów 8, 62-070, Dąbrowa, Poland



Thematic field:

Smart and Efficient Buildings and Cities

The start-up

Bin-e is the best solution for waste management in smart buildings.

The need

The recycling issue is becoming increasingly urgent. Only 30% of waste is recycled and the rest of it goes to landfills and to the oceans. People don’t want to bother with waste segregation. In other cases, they do not know how to do it properly or there is no required infrastructure. As a result, much waste ends up in the wrong container.

The solution

BIN-e is a smart waste bin designed as a smart building solution for automatic waste segregation and convenient waste management, with an IoT platform, targeting office and public spaces. It also features data collection function and fill level control.

The value proposition

  • Data analysis as a marketing tool
  • Eco-friendly work space.
  • Possibility of resale segregated waste as raw materials.
  • Reduced costs for waste removal.