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Store your stuff at your neighbours

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c/o InnoEnergy Scandinavia
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114 28 Stockholm


Market segment:

The start-up

Budkeep has developed an online platform matching and assisting private owners of storage space with private renters.

The need

The demand for storage is increasing, met by a rapid expansion of storage facilities charging immense prices. This is not sustainable for the environment nor the users. Meanwhile, the cost of living is increasing, and thus there is a need for creating new revenue streams and reducing costs.

The solution

Budkeep helps owners of private spaces, such as storage, attics, empty rooms etc. to earn money on unused space by renting it out as storage. People in search for storage space will get storage at 30-50% cheaper than traditional models. Budkeep are not a party in the storage contracts, but takes a commission for vetting users, offering safe payments and a legal framework.

The value proposition

  • More efficient use of urban spaces: storage eased by proximity, reduced need for transport or construction of new facilities
  • A source of income for owners of unused space
  • 30-50% lower consumer price vs market price