Business Creation

Busto Automatika

COMFORT and CONTROL delivered to smart home owners by integrating different devices into one 'easy to use' smart home app.

Zemaites 21, LT-03118 Vilnius, Lithuania

The start-up

Scalable and easy to integrate smart home solutions on KNX protocol and different KNX devices make it possible to provide the best KNX smart home quality and price for customers.

The need

Some 30% of the world’s smart homes run on KNX. However, very few of them are really ‘smart’ homes, where you can manage your home to maximise comfort and have full control through an easy to use app. People waste money and effort by not utilising full KNX potential.

The solution

The aim is to help home owners utilise most KNX smart home features to achieve maximum comfort and easy control. By incorporating the best devices from different manufacturers, more efficient functionality can be achieved at lower costs. All of it is unified into one simple smart home application.

The value proposition

Everything in one hand.
Fast and flexible installation.
Full smart home installation.
Lower price.
Professional advice and solutions.