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C2C HYBRID SUPERCAPACITOR: an alternative solution for the electric energy storage market.

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Núcleo Nersant do Sorraia, Edifício Nersant sala 2 Zona Industrial do Vale Tripeiro, 2130-999 Benavente, Portugal



Thematic field:

Energy Storage

Market segment:

Energy storage, Industry, Municipality, Solar PV, Transport & mobility

The start-up

C2C technology consists of the use of nickel and carbon electrodes embedded in a safe aqueous electrolyte, resulting in a reliable and high capacitance device.

The need

Starting the engine in heavy trucks is the single most demanding task for batteries. Moreover, cold weather reduces battery performance. To avoid dead batteries and “no starts”, batteries need to be frequently replaced with a consequent cost increase.

The solution

C2C supercapacitor has the ability to provide quick bursts of power and to operate reliably up to millions of charge-discharge cycles even under extremely cold temperatures. By replacing one battery for a C2C supercapacitor exclusively dedicated to the starting function, trucks and buses can always start even in very cold temperatures or if batteries are seriously discharged

The value proposition

  • Competitive purchasing price facing other supercapacitors.
  • Eliminate “no starts” from a “dead” battery under any temperature range.
  • High reliability.
  • Higher number of start atempts.
  • Lower operating and maintenance costs.