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A durable nobel metal-free catalyst for next generation fuel cells

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Thematic field:

Renewable Energies

Market segment:

Transport & mobility

The start-up

Celcibus supplies affordable and sustainable fuel cell catalysts to enable global use of fuel cells through a patented noble metal-free catalyst technology.

The need

The high cost of fuel cells is restraining the growth of sustainable hydrogen-based solutions. The Transition Metal Chelating Carbon (TMCC) is adressing the fuel cell cost issue and can potentially reduce fuel cell cost by some 30%.

The solution

The TMCC catalyst powder is supplied to Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA) manufacturers. The TMCC based MEAs are expected to be just 10% of the cost of conventional Ptbased MEAs. Further businesss development may include in-house MEAs that in turn will be sold to fuel cell stack manufacturers.

The value proposition

  • Cost 10% of Pt-based MEA,
  • Pt-based MEA performance.