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Cost efficient particulate cleaning

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The start-up

Through flue gas condensation and innovative filtering technique, the Flue Gas Recovery Unit, FGR® from CleanBioHeat produces cold, clean exhaust and it pays for itself through a very high level of energy recovery. Applicable for heating plants sized 100-1000kW.

It can be used on any heating system regardless of fuel, as long as hot humid smoke (flue gas) is generated. The FGR® is offered either as an integrated component of a heating system or stand-alone, mounted on the system’s exhaust pipe. One of its great advantages is that it can easily be used for retrofitting existing systems.

The need

From 2020, the European Eco-design directive is updated with requirements for solid fuel boilers smaller than 500kW. This means that the legislative requirements for particulate matter and energy efficiency are tougher to meet.
Cleaning equipment used for large heating plants are either too large or too expensive to use on these systems.
In order to make solid bio-fuel a good alternative for fossil fuel, there is an urgent need to develop solutions for cost efficient particulate cleaning.

The solution

By a high level of condensation, almost all latent heat is recovered, and the remaining cold and dry exhaust enables efficient particulate cleaning.

The patent pending solution increases thermal efficiency by up to 20% and reduces cost of fuel. With an innovative business model, FGR® can be leased to the same cost as the savings. This means particulate cleaning without cost.

Optimized for 100-1000kW heating systems, it can be used on any new heating system producing flue gases, regardless of fuel, as well as for retrofitting existing systems.

Currently, CleanBioHeat is mainly focusing on wood pellet fueled systems.

The value proposition


  • Efficient particulate cleaning device
  • Recovers the latent heat from the flue gas
  • Improves energy efficiency up to 25%
  • Creates cold, clean and dry exhaust
  • Reduces cost of fuel