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Clevermess Kids

The first digital measurement device to ensure a 100% shoe fitting, reducing return rates and shipping costs in the e-commerce industry.

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Clevermess GmbH
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85135 Titting, Germany


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The start-up

With the patented digital measurement device, parents can measure the width and length of their children’s feet and match them with any shoe for a perfect fit. Clevermess can be made available on all sales channels.

The need

Incorrectly fitted shoes can cause serious health issues, such as deformations and postural problems. However, there is currently no device which can measure feet to make sure shoes bought online fit the consumer perfectly. This leads to high return rates and an unnecessarily high carbon footprint.

The solution

With Clevermess Kids, parents can be certain that they will get a perfectly fitted shoe that supports the healthy growth and comfort of their child. When buying shoes online, they can avoid ordering various sizes and returning ill-fitting shoes. This is much more convenient and reduces CO2 emissions.

The value proposition

  • Always the right shoe.
  • Analysis of biometric foot data.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Usage for online stores to offer fitted shoes.