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Cysalys Technologies

High-performance hybrid energy solutions to supply sites not connected to the grid

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Rue de la Champagne 60, 69730 GENAY, France


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The start-up

Innovative solutions by CYSALYS make it possible to offer smart, cost-saving environmently friendly power units. Three types of reliable and economical energy solutions to connect networks and people, for telecom and isolated sites.

The need

In emerging countries where the commercial electricity network is not sufficiently developed or failing, mobile operators use fuel generators to power their sites. Operating costs are very high (fuel consumption, maintenance, network failures).

The solution

Independent power supply unit dedicated to mobile telecom sites in off-grid and bad-grid areas. The Smart Hybrid Power Unit is a modular solution (1,6 to 9kW) to fit with the exact customer need, and allows for a significant reduction of operating costs. It integrates patented technological innovations which improve the hybrid efficiency.

The value proposition

  • A cost effective solution ( ROI < 1 year).
  • An environment-friendly power unit.
  • Insures a reliable energy source on site.
  • Reduce significantly operating costs (diesel consumption and maintenance).