Business Creation


AI tool for complex networks (gas, electricity, heat, supply chain…)

The start-up

Software that allows clients to visualise easily and in real time what is happening in their physical networks, to identify anomalies, to predict them, and to simulate the evolution of networks.

The need

Complex network managers face 3 main difficulties:
• The need to control and optimise flows and consumptions
• An increased pressure on maintenance costs
• The evolution from traditional to “smart” infrastructure and grid

The solution

DCbrain is an artificial intelligence software (based on graph models and machine learning tools) that is able to visualise flows very easily, detect anomalies, predict incidents and model the evolution of networks (resilience test).

The value proposition

  • Data reconciliation (optimisation of data mining processes).
  • Increase of asset life expectancy.
  • Optimisation of engineering processes.
  • Optimisation of exploitation processes.