Business Creation


Turnkey, innovative, eco-efficient solutions for renewable gas treatment.


Campus LYON Tech La DOUA
27 rue Henri Rolland
69100 Villeurbanne – France




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The start-up

Deltalys develops, commercialises and operates eco-efficient solutions for renewable gas treatment: improved processes, dedicated digital solutions and an innovative business approach.

The need

As renewable gases are produced from organic material, they naturally contain high levels of contaminants that need to be removed from raw gas for optimal valorisation. The decontamination process is complex, costly and has a high carbon footprint.

The solution

Deltalys has developed turnkey gas processing solutions based on more than 10 years of academic research. They integrate a patented eco-efficient process, modular plug and play modules and advanced digital tools.

The value proposition

  • Enhanced environmental performance.
  • Makes industrial renewable gas production sites really competitive.
  • Minimum operational risks.
  • Optimal and secured profitability.