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The world's first eco-friendly shower dehumidifier with heat recovery.

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18057 Rostock, Germany



Thematic field:

Energy Efficiency

Market segment:

Residential building

The start-up

A shower dehumidfier working with the cooling power of cold water. Directly installed into the shower, it dehumidifies the air automatically. This protects the building for mold and saves energy.


The need

10% of all bathrooms (EU) are infested with mold. Mold triggers asthma and many other diseases. Besides the users, especially real estate owners have a huge pain with this mold. It leads to rent reduction and high refurbishment costs.

The solution

The dehumidifiers from DUSCHKRAFT are installed directly in the shower and dehumidify the air already during the shower. This minimises the need for ventilation and permanently protects the bathroom from mould. Independent of the behaviour of the user.

The value proposition

  • user independent dehumidification
  • most energy efficient dehumidifier
  • beautiful design
  • costs savings (energy recovery)
  • durable product (lifetime 15-25 years)

Strategic Partners and Customers

  • Residential Building - Architect
  • Residential Building - Real Estate Developer
  • Residential Building - Tech. Service Provider (Engineering And Installation)
  • Residential Building - Construction Company
  • Residential Building - ESCo B2C
  • Tertiary (Non-Residential) Building - Architect
  • Tertiary (Non-Residential) Building - Construction Company
  • Tertiary (Non-Residential) Building - Real Estate Developer
  • Tertiary (Non-Residential) Building - Tech. Service Provider (Engineering And Installation)