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The best controller for ebikes.

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The start-up

All ebikes are equipped with a controller, but this product is the only one that transforms assistance into a real automatic gearbox and ensures that a user will never run out of electric fuel.

The need

Ebike users face two main issues: how to adapt the level of assistance to suit their specific needs, and how to ensure that they can complete a journey without running out of electric fuel.

The solution

The ebikemaps controller is the only one available that transforms the electrical assistance of an ebike into a real automatic gearbox. The user selects preferences on the application and the controller automatically adapts a level of assistance specifically suited to their trip, taking into account all the parameters required to ensure that a user will never lack electricity, and offering the exact level of assistance for their needs.

The value proposition

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Ensures that customers will be able to make their trip without running out of fuel
  • Cost saving for manufacturers
  • Increased electrical autonomy
  • Assistance fine tuning