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Eco-Tech Ceram

Store heat to master your energy.

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Rue Edouard Belin  Hôtel d’entreprises, Bureau n°3, Espace Entreprises Méditerranée, 66 600  Rivesaltes, France

The start-up

Thermal energy storage solutions using refractory ceramics produced from inorganic industrial waste. Eco-Tech Ceram develops new eco-efficient, transportable and modular thermal storage solutions. Inorganic secondary raw materials (such as coal fly ashes) is transformed into refractory ceramics, thus offering a low cost storage material.

The need

The main challenge is the reduction of CAPEX (€/kWh th installed) for a thermal energy storage technical solution for heat intensive industries.

The solution

A new concept for waste heat recovery for temperatures of between 200 and 1.000°C, with low CAPEX/OPEX, based on the implementation of ceramic materials inside a container (20 feet) named Eco-Stock, well adapted to small and medium industries. With Eco-Stock, waste heat can be captured, stored and delivered from 5 €/MWh th.


The value proposition

  • Constant outlet temperature.
  • Efficiency > 92% per cycle.
  • Low-cost energy (from 5€/MWh th).
  • Mobil.
  • Plug & Play.
  • Robust.

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